Year Three Activity Days Case Study


Activity, location and duration

Year Three Activity Day, Essex Outdoors Danbury, one day visit


88 Y3 children aged 7 -8 yrs. old.

Aim and objectives

The school wanted to get a variety of things out of the day but had a specific focus on improving personal and social skills such as cooperation with others and working as a team. Teaching the pupils perseverance was a main goal as well as building their confidence – which the school says the day definitely did!

Description of activity

The day was an activity day specifically tailored to help pupils cope with the transition from infant to junior school. The school worked closely with Essex Outdoors Danbury to build a structured programme according to the needs of the school and the pupils in attendance. This included pre visits to both the school and to Danbury, a parents meeting and emails and phone calls to ensure everyone was catered for and the day would meet the schools aims and objectives.

The children were split into ten groups and each group participated in four different activities. Fitting four shorter activity sessions into the day meant the pupils could try a variety of activities but still structured within the parameters of school hours – including travel time.

The activities included bush craft, aerial trekking, orienteering, problem solving, archery (which was a firm favourite) and the obstacle course. This gave the pupils the opportunity to try out lots of different activities and took them all outside their comfort zone.

Specific quotes and endorsements

Carly Virgo, lead teacher for the Y3 activity day:

“The day really benefited the children; it goes back to what we wanted to get out of the day, for example, overcoming difficulties. We have bought these skills back into the classroom and remind the children of when they couldn’t do the activity at Danbury what did they do – they kept going, they supported each other and they didn’t give up.”

“The day really boosted self-confidence; everyone had a go, even if they didn’t think they could do something they tried it. It was lovely to see the pupils cheering each other on. It’s a very rewarding feeling.”

“The pupils really benefitted from being outside the classroom and it definitely helped them gel together as a group.”

“Leigh Beck Junior would 100% recommend the day, we were really, really pleased with the end result. It achieved everything we wanted to and more. The children loved it.”

“The staff and instructors at Essex Outdoors Danbury were amazing; we are definitely considering running another Y3 activity day in the future.”


The outcomes the school wanted were all tied into the PSHE aspects of the curriculum for example cooperation and confidence. The school has a strong focus on the growth mindset concept which is around not giving up when things are getting difficult, keeping on trying and keeping on going. All the activities encouraged these behaviours.

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