Year 3 Activity Days


A range of flexible bespoke activity day packages that are specifically designed to support 7 and 8 year olds with their transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.

Year 3 pupils will have their 'hands held' much less than when in a Key Stage 1 environment in order for them to build on their independence and resilience.  We will use a range of different outdoor activities to work with you and your group to help develop the key areas that support this transitional period and the vital skills associated with it

Self Confidence and Resilience
Our selection of outdoor and adventurous activities have been designed, and can be tailored, to demonstrate to group members that they can achieve; even when the task may look to be impossible from the outset.  

Personal Responsibility Awareness
Outdoor and adventurous activities have a 'perceived risk'.  Our instructors will use this perception to focus on the individuals sense of responsibility towards both themselves and their peers. 

Self Discipline 
Every action or inaction has a consequence.  We are able to practically demonstrate these consequences, in a safe environment, using a range of different activities, embedding the need and importance of self discipline.

Leadership Skills
The activities on offer create a level playing field for all that take part.  This give each individual the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership ability whether that's by leading a whole group or a one to one partnership. 

One other area that will be improved by taking part in these activities is the relationship between the teacher and the pupils.  By placing teachers and pupils in a neutral environment it levels the playing field and allows for deeper and stronger bonds to be developed, enhancing the working relationship when back at school.

"A fantastic, enjoyable and challenging day which the children loved. They grew in confidence and maturity throughout the day gaining a range of skills including perseverance and co-operation which they have bought back to their learning in school - just as we had hoped!" Mr Daren Partridge, Headteacher, Leigh Beck Junior School

Read the Leigh Beck Junior School case study here

Available Programmes

We will achieve the above points through a range of 3 or 4 carefully selected activities in any one day. We offer different programmes depending on the time of year, however you do still have the choice of 3 or 4 activities per day all year round depending on your requirements. Below are sample timetables of what you could undertake in our peak and off peak seasons.

Peak Season (May to September)

Off Peak Season (October to April)

These are not the only activities available as part of the Year 3 Activity Days, you can chose from any of the following, and if these are not quite right for your group, give us a call to discuss your requirements.


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