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The Winter Bouldering League Final Event

The Winter Bouldering League draws to an epic close on Saturday 9th March, with the last round and final blocs. This will include youth and adult climbing competitions, a CAC raffle and special guest appearances from sponsored climbers Ben Bransby and Gaz Parry. There will also be a gear stall from DMM and boot demo thanks to Scarpa, as well as music, free pizza and beer (or soft drinks).

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Winter Bouldering League   

Each year The Lock Hosts a Winter Bouldering League (WBL) starting in November and ending with a winter event in March. 

The league consists of 5 rounds (1 per month) and to take part, you need to purchase a score card from our reception for £2.00. You then mark your scores using an honesty based system and hand in your scoresheet at the end of each month (The scoring system is explained below). These scorecards will be kept by us and added to any subsequent monthly rounds you may wish to take part in. The top climbers in each category (based on your top 3 score cards, age and gender) will be invited to enter our final during the winter event in March, where an overall winner (and most improved climber) in each category will then be announced. 

Routes (or problems as we call ‘em) 

There are 30 bouldering problems getting progressively harder for you to attempt, for each problem completed you are scored depending upon which attempt you successfully completed it on. 

10 points for a successful 1st attempt 
 7 points for a successful 2nd attempt 
 4 points for a successful 3rd attempt 
 2 points for any subsequent attempt 
 1 point for reaching the bonus holds (if you don’t complete the problem) 


- All climbs must start on the starting hold and finish “in control” with 2 hands on the last hold.
- Competitors are responsible for completing their own scorecards. (Cheats will be publicly shamed) - You can only claim a bonus point if you did not complete the whole problem. 
- Event organisers have the final say over any disputes (regardless of what their dad/girlfriend thinks) 
- A “LOCK-off” will ensue if there is a tiebreak scenario 
- Features and volumes are “in” on all routes


Junior (13 and under)
Youth (14-17 years) 
Adult Male(18+ years) 
Adult Female(18+ years)

The Lock's Winter Bouldering League supports Climbers Against Cancer

We'd like to thank our sponsors DMMPetzl and Scarpa

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