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Are you looking for ways to increase your GCSE or A Level pass rate? Why not take your pupils on a Revision residential with Essex Outdoors.

Pupils often find it hard to concentrate on productive revision time when at home. A study carried out by Learning Away found that pupils benefit significantly from participating in revision residential. 

Essex Outdoors offers the opportunity to have everything you would need on a revision residential on one site. Whether you wish to focus on a small group of targeted pupils who would benefit from this programme, or an entire year group, Essex Outdoors will be able to cater for your needs.

Ours sites offer warm and comfortable accommodation that can be used all year round. You are able to hire our fully equipped classrooms and conference rooms to provide an ideal learning environment for you to deliver your tailor made revision session. You are also able to book scheduled activity session that can be interspersed throughout your stay, facilitating good team work and communication skills.

Benefits of study breaks: 
• Pupils will develop strong supportive relationships with their peers. 
• Focused and dedicated approach to study. 
• No distractions. 
• Best practice can be demonstrated to pupils and this can then be reflected in their own revision after the study break. 
• Directed study – enabling teachers to select areas that they believe would be best placed in improving the pupil’s ability. 
• Clear evidence that dispersing engaging and interesting physical activity throughout revision can have a positive effect on results and commitment to study.  
• Selected study breaks can refocus children on revision. 
• Increases self-esteem and motivation 

If you want to make sure that you have your best results day ever, why not book now to avoid disappointment. Call us on  0345 200 4220 or email to find out what Essex Outdoors can offer you and your school. 

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You can find out more information in our brochure Outdoor Education for Secondary Schools and Further Education or call us on to discuss your specific requirements.

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