Evidence SMSC with Essex Outdoors Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) packages for key stage 2, 3 and 4

All teachers are aware of the importance of ensuring that their school help create well-rounded individuals that will thrive in modern day society. The provision of SMSC education has become a key part of any Outstanding school and the responsibility to ensure that this happens, has now been given to leadership and management within the Ofsted 2015 inspection framework.

The benefits of participating in residential field trips has long been valued by students, teachers, parents and future employees. Residential field trips provide opportunities for students to develop lifelong skills and grow in self-confidence while learning, and SMSC development is directly impacted. The positive benefits of residential field trips have been researched by a variety of different organisations including Brilliant Residential, Public Health England, the Department for Education and Ofsted. Learning Away’s Interim Evaluation Report states that “58% of key stage 2 pupils thought they would do better in their schoolwork as a result of the residential and 48% felt they would do better in their tests or SATs.” Furthermore Learning Away identifies that students involved in the planning and delivery of residential activities benefitted from:

> increased confidence

> providing a role model for other students

> improved organisational and presentation skills

> improved independence and maturity

To assist schools in demonstrating SMSC to Ofsted, Essex Outdoors offers key stage specific SMSC packages that include:

> a variety of adaptable teaching resources to be used before, during and after your stay

> a matrix of activities linked to SMSC criteria

> an evidence grid demonstrating SMSC practice completed at Essex Outdoors and school-based suggestions

SMSC packages are competitively priced and available to purchase for schools and academies attending a residential visit at Essex Outdoors.

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