School Grounds & Conservation

At Essex Outdoors we recognise that school grounds and other outreach locations can provide a varied and exciting learning environment and be a perfect setting in which to deliver key aspects of the curriculum, via the 'outdoor classroom'.

As a result we offer a number of School Grounds and Outreach programmes variously suited to primary, secondary and special schools, and for INSET. Activities included in the programmes are outlined below.

School Grounds

Tree planting and management (including willow tunnels and specialist planting e.g., fruit trees)
Habitat creation e.g., wildflower meadow, hedges, invertebrate banks
An INSET course on using and developing school grounds
School Grounds and Science Week activities
Science and Plants in Schools (SAPS) projects e.g., using light banks, fast plants and supermarket science.

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for more information on the School Grounds programme  or to contact our staff, call us on 01245 223342, or send us an email.

Course Info

Half or full day. INSET courses can also be run at twilight.
Within school grounds or sites close to the school
From £125 per half a day, or £250 per full day dependant upon the number of participants attending / instructors required.
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