Rocks and Soils

This course provides outdoor and indoor practical experiences to explore the properties of rocks and soils. 

Activities provide learning opportunities to discover the science content of the KS2 programme of study and include links to other areas of the curriculum.

The course can be run at our centres across Essex, or in your school grounds: we can bring samples for comparison if necessary. We also have a large collection of rock and fossil samples.

Course Content:
Underneath all ground surfaces lie rocks whether or not we can see them
Rocks are naturally occurring
Rocks are broken down to pebbles and soil by natural processes
Rocks and soils have a variety of different characteristics
Rocks are used for a variety of different uses
Soils are made of natural materials
Importance of testing ideas using evidence gained from observation and measurement.

Investigate different rocks and their properties
Look at fossils and imagine what the original organism looked like
Explore the components of soil, including the use of soil sievesTry to create your own soil
Search for minibeasts that rely on soil for food and shelter
Use clay to make 3-D models or faces on trees
Play the 'did it come from under the ground' game

Links to National Curriculum:
Science, Geography, Art, Numeracy, Literacy (communication), PSHE

This course can be run as a half or full day unit and can take place throughout the year.

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