Rivers and Water

This course, run at the Daws Hall Reserve, provides an opportunity to carry out fieldwork investigations and compare pond, brook and river conditions in the Stour valley.

The activities reflect the geography content of the Key Stage Two programme of study and will include links to other areas of the curriculum. A section of the River Stour passes through the reserve, as does a small tributary brook with with safe access.

Course Content:
Learn to use maps, pictures and field sketches to understand the importance of the river in the landscape.
Understand how rivers erode, transport and deposit materials and produce change in the landscape.
Understand the environmental impacts of floods and how they can be controlled.
Identify how people affect rivers and the environment, e.g., pollution.
Relate practical work to generalisations about rivers elsewhere.
Use appropriate techniques and instruments to carry out fieldwork investigations.


Observing and noting differences in, the river, brook and pond, and their part in the drainage system of the Stour valley
Investigating landscape drainage and measuring water infiltration rates
Producing and interpreting a field sketch of the river valley
Comparing the river today with photographs of past floods
Measuring depth and flow at different places in the brook using a flow meter and other equipment
Testing water quality to see how human activity affects the river and the environment.

Links to National Curriculum:
Geography, Science, Art, Numeracy, Literacy (communication).


The course can be run as a half or full day unit and can take place throughout the year.

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