This one day programme provides practical first-hand experience of exploring, observing, identifying and understanding the plant and animal life of a variety of habitats.

Activities provide learning opportunities to focus on the science curriculum, and include links to other subject areas.

  • How to make and record reliable observations
  • Grouping organisms by observable features
  • Conditions in a local habitat
  • Habitat requirements of different animals
  • Different types of habitats, plants, animals
  • Food sources & food chain structure
  • Posing questions about organisms and the habitat in which they live
  • Animals are suited to the habitat in which they are found
  • Most food chains start with a green plant
  • Ways in which living things and the environment need protection
  • The importance of releasing any animals back into their habitats
  • Life cycles
  • Observing live small mammals, their characteristics and adaptations
  • Using light meters and collecting plant samples to explore life in woodlands
  • Using a quadrat to compare plants found in meadow and woodland
  • Collecting and recording information on animals in differing habitats
  • Looking for evidence of larger animals
  • Investigating the importance of camouflage
  • Pond and brook dipping
  • Playing the food web game

Links to National Curriculum:
Science, Geography, Numeracy, Literacy (communication), PSHE
This can be a half or full day and can take place at any time of the year.

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