Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by group leaders visiting Essex Outdoors. 

>> What equipment do I need to bring? 

On all of our activity sessions and courses, specialist and technical equipment will be provided, so participants coming for a day visit just need to wear warm, comfortable (and waterproof, if required!) clothing.  If you are staying on a residential basis, you will be provided with a kit list of suggested items. 

>> How many accompanying staff do we need to bring? 

Groups participating in activities at our centres must bring at least one leader or responsible person for every 10 young people participating in activities.  However, groups not participating in activities need only bring enough staff to comply with their own guidelines and codes of practice. 

>> Do you provide somewhere for non-resident activity groups to eat/leave kit etc? 

Rooms or marquees are available to hire by request, but unless you have specifically requested the use of a room/marquee, then we do not provide rooms for eating, storage of kit, or use during inclement weather.  As a result, it is strongly advised that activity groups bring as little luggage with them as possible, and leave as much as possible in their coach/car etc.  

>> Do you provide secure storage/ locker facilities? 

Our centres can provide secure storage, but unless you have specifically requested the use of residential accommodation then it is strongly recommended that you do not bring any valuables with you, or that you make your own arrangements for safe storage.  

>> Can I bring my car onto your sites? 

Groups bringing large/heavy equipment may be allowed access to our site for unloading only; all other vehicles must be left in our customer car parks, where personal kit can be transported into our sites by foot. 

>> Do you provide bedding? 

It varies from centre to centre - please contact the individual centres for further details. 

>> Am I insured on your site? 

All of our centres are covered by Essex County Council's third party liability insurance, but any additional cover should be arranged by yourself.  

>> Can we bring personal belongings? 

We advise against bringing any valuables including mobile phones, tablets, or hand held games consoles, as these could be lost or damaged and are not covered by our insurance.  Please be aware that children will not be able to access these devices whilst on activities. 

If you have further questions about visits to Essex Outdoors, please contact one of our friendly team on 0345 200 4220 or via the contact us page and we'll be happy to answer your query.

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