Bradwell Moorings and Dinghy Park

The dinghy park and moorings in the creek adjacent to Bradwell Marina are managed by the Bradwell Fairways Committee, and administered through the Essex Outdoors Bradwell centre.

Managed moorings* in Bradwell Creek, are available for boats up to 38ft, but please note that these places are limited.  

*Whereby Essex Outdoors Bradwell will lay and maintain the mooring up to and including the mooring buoy, excluding the strops from the buoy to vessel. 

Boat Length Fee inc VAT 

Up to 19ft £504.30
20 – 24ft £641.65
25 – 29ft £779.70
30 – 34ft £847.22
35ft + £979.59 

Additional Dinghy Posts / Dinghy Post only £95.80 

Each mooring comes with one free dinghy post for a tender to the moored craft. 
Dinghy post spaces for sail boats or additional tenders are available for the usual dinghy post fee. 
Please contact the Bradwell Office for information on use of the slipway. In all cases boat owners must provide evidence of third party insurance.

To apply for a space with us please choose the appropriate form below, complete and return it by email to                  
CALL US : 0345 200 4220
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