Building resilience

Helping them to bounce back

As experienced teachers, you are all aware of the importance of increasing levels of resilience in young people.

There has been a movement in education over recent years that has been focusing on the overall impact of resilience levels in young people. This has included changes in the Ofsted framework to acknowledge the importance of enabling young people to take controlled risks. A really good way of increasing young peoples access and ability to undertake controlled risk in a safe and controlled environment is by undertaking an adventure based residential at Essex Outdoors.

If you are looking into booking a new school trip and would like to improve your pupils levels of resilience, contact Essex Outdoors to see what we can offer you.

Top tips

When planning a new school trip, there are several things you can do to make the experience easier…

Make sure you have clearly laid out your objectives of the trip to your booking agent.

When introducing the trip to parents and pupils, don’t just focus on the immediate experiences. Make sure everyone is aware of the long-term benefits of going on a residential trip.

Offer a staggered payment plan, with clear dates and amounts that coincide with the end of the month.

Provide a packing list for parents and pupils to follow.

Make sure you have plenty of fun!