Superb experiences that bring out the best in young people

Residential Trips for Groups

See how they thrive. Our experienced team will identify the activity programme that ticks all your boxes, whichever centre you choose. What’s more, they’ll provide the attention and care that really makes a difference. Your group may not have tried any of these activities before, so we’ll ensure that safety comes first – but having a tremendous amount of fun and excitement comes a close second.

Over the past 50 years we have helped every type of group to form closer bonds. They’ll learn by pushing themselves – and we’ll be on hand to help them amplify their potential.

Flexible residential experiences

You choose your setting. Whatever you decide: Scandinavian-style log cabin, traditional camping in patrol tents or self-contained accommodation, you can enjoy the splendour of ancient woodland, beautiful coastlines or an urban oasis. Then your team are all set for their fantastic adventure – whether summoning their pluck when abseiling, making a splash while canoeing or clicking with their team as they make Kit Karts.

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Our flexible residential trips for youth groups can include these amazing activities


Abseiling Test your nerve by lowering yourself over the edge and descending one of our exciting abseils, controlling your own descent as you go. Very popular with groups abseiling is often incorporated into other sessions, such as climbing or high ropes as a great way to help improve participant’s confidence as well as offering a …
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Adventure and obstacle courses

Adventure and obstacle courses The perfect environment for group work, team building, or just a bit of fun! Our purpose built obstacle courses promote participation, communication and team building, testing your ability to work with friends and colleagues in a safe but challenging environment. Navigate rope swings, tyre squeezes, tunnels, rope bridges, vertical walls, cargo …
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Aerial adventure

Aerial adventure course Our high-level Adventure Course encompasses a comprehensive set of 11 challenging elements 13m off the ground and is designed to test your agility and your nerve. Take on the course with your teammates and complete the challenges set for you by your instructor; it's time to work together to test your communication …
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Aerial trekking

Aerial trekking The imposing centrepiece of our Danbury centre is an exciting array of 14 high-level obstacles including cargo nets, balance bars, barrel swings and even a traversing wall,  all designed to challenge your agility and courage. Set out over two levels of increasing difficulty; it is time to stretch your comfort zone! Learning Outcomes …
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All-terrain boarding

All-terrain boarding A thrilling combination of snowboarding and off-road skateboarding, ATB’s are great for balance and coordination skills. Start off with the basics of posture, balance and steering and how to protect yourself if you fall, and you’ll be zooming down the grassy slopes with style in no time! Clients are kept safe by knee, …
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Archery Aim for gold on our outdoor and indoor archery ranges. With its unique mix of fun and competition, archery is a popular activity with all ages and abilities, helping to build confidence and improve coordination skills. Sessions are tailored to meet the experience of the group and can offer the opportunity for further progression …
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BMX biking

BMX biking Our purpose-built BMX track allows you to experience the thrill of twists turns, jumps and berms,  under the watchful eye of our instructors. Winding 250 metres through natural woodland, you must keep your nerve as banks, lips and jumps appear around each bend. Alternatively, the track can be used to practice your skills …
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Boat trips and crabbing

Boat trips and crabbing Say hello to Sammy the seal! Discover the enchanting river Blackwater by taking a boat trip from the jetty at West Mersea or Bradwell. These excursions can be for fun or as part of a lesson in local marine life. They allow groups to experience the natural wonders of the estuary …
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Bouldering If you like keeping fit and problem solving, bouldering is the sport for you. Bouldering is an exhilarating and sociable sport where climbers attempt low-level routes without ropes or harnesses. Instead protection from falls is provided by pads and crash mats. Bouldering "problems" are usually much shorter than rock climbs and often include a …
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Bushcraft Marshmallows at the ready! Depending on the centre we offer either coastal or woodland-based versions. These exciting and informative sessions are very flexible and can incorporate; fire lighting using fire steels and natural materials shelter building and knot work camp craft including basic knife and axe work. You can also combine a longer session …
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Canoeing Test out our fleet of traditional Canadian canoes. Our instructors will guide you through all the basic strokes allowing plenty of time to practice your skills. You'll then be able to explore the local waterways and get up close and personal with some fascinating wildlife! Essex provides the ideal environment to take your first …
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Caving Work your way through the winding tunnels, chambers and features of our 4 artificial caving courses, avoiding the dead ends to find the exit. Suitable for those with or without a fear of enclosed spaces. Your group will be encouraged to work together to find the quickest way through the maze completing a series …
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Climbing Reach new heights on one of our impressive outdoor towers or indoors at our fourteen metre high professional climbing wall – “The Lock”. Our climbing walls provide a huge variety of routes to challenge novices and advanced climbers alike. During our instructed sessions, you’ll learn to use climbing equipment safely, belay your team mates …
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Dinghy sailing

Dinghy sailing It’s all-aboard our Dufour Drakkar boats which combine speed and excitement with stability and capacity. This modern hybrid craft has great upwind performance and an asymmetric spinnaker for exhilarating downwind sailing. Crews can assist with hoisting and trimming sails, helming the boat and learning the basics of sailing. Each boat holds up to …
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First aid

First aid Our highly interactive introductory First aid lessons for young people are based on British Heart Foundation guidelines. Sessions include plenty to keep the mind and body active and the group will learn everything they need to know to be confident in a basic first aid situation. Areas covered include incident management how to …
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Giant swing

Giant swing At 18m tall our twin Giant Swing (3G swing) is an exhilarating activity which encourages participants to set their own goals and push their comfort zones. They'll also build confidence and trust within their group. The group work together to hoist two of their teammates at a time up in the air as …
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High ropes

High ropes Each of our centres’ high ropes courses offer a variety of challenging and exciting elements designed to push your comfort zone to see what you can really achieve. Walk the catwalk, take on the Leap of Faith or work alongside your friends to get to the top of the Jacobs Ladder or All …
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It’s a knockout

It's a knockout It's bouncy, wet and loads of fun! A range of up to 10 group games emphasise teamwork skills with lots of fun elements mixed in. Try and conquer the water tower, or reach the end of the bungee run. Test your combat skills on the gladiators or see who can collect the …
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Kayaking Test out our fleet of sit-on-top and traditional kayaks . Our instructors will guide you through all the basic strokes allowing plenty of time to practice your skills through fun games and challenges. You’ll then be able to explore the local waterways and get up close and personal with some fascinating wildlife! Essex provides …
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Low ropes

Low ropes The floor is lava! Our low ropes courses have a series of low-level challenges with interconnected ropes, planks, wires and tyres. The aim is to support your teammates to move around the platforms of the course without touching the ground Designed to test and hone the group's cooperation and communication skills whilst having …
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Off road biking

Off road biking Enjoy the ride. Our centres are perfectly situated to cater for all levels of off-road biking. Each site presents plenty of challenges, from obstacle courses to build your skills through to gentle woodland trails and more technical routes. And our proximity to some of the best single-track in the country allows us …
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Orienteering and map skills

Orienteering and map skills This activity teaches the important life skill of map-reading. Our instructors will guide groups through a series of mini-exercises to introduce; points of the compass and orientating a map interpreting symbols features using scale and pacing Participants then head off to complete courses and challenges of increasing difficulty around our beautiful …
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Powerboating Whether it's riding the waves on one of our Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) or gaining a nationally recognised qualification on one of our RYA Powerboat courses, Essex Outdoors has the powerboating experience for you! An activity can fill a whole morning or afternoon for up to 20 people. We take our boat out into …
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Quad biking

Quad biking Feel the exhilaration of zooming through the trees on one of our petrol powered quad bikes. Start off by learning the basics of turning and stopping safely before navigating around the twists and turns of our skills course, then progressing to our exciting off-road course around the wooded site.   Learning outcomes Click …
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Raft building

Raft building Build your own river going vessel from a selection of tested items such as barrels, ropes wooden planks. You'll learn some useful knot work and traditional techniques to construct your craft. An ideal session for enhancing team building skills, communication, planning and resource management. Available during summer months only. Learning outcomes Click below …
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Scramble net

Scramble net Test your mettle by scrambling over the river with nothing but a cargo net to protect you (and some handily placed safety ropes). A number of different elements from tramlines to tight rope all protected by safety ropes, harnesses and helmets. Great for balance, coordination, agility and confidence. Learning outcomes Click below to …
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Stand up paddle boarding (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) The latest addition to our paddle sports line-up - the exciting sport of stand up paddle boarding - or SUP - is an excellent way to develop water confidence, build core strength and balance. You’ll be on your feet and exploring the beautiful rivers, creeks and sheltered waterways of Essex …
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Team challenge and problem solving

Team challenge and problem solving From mental puzzles through to team challenges, we'll test your ability to work together, communicate and think fast. Spider's web, mazes, blindfold trails and sheep pens are just some of the tools used to test your problem solving skills. The activities not only offer the opportunity for groups to go …
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Vertical obstacle course

Vertical obstacle course At over 13 meters high, this climbing-based obstacle course will test the physical and mental agility of even the most adventurous participants. There are 7 elements to try in all, including human Tetris and the wall of tyres. What is the best route to the top? Can you find a way to …
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Zip wire

Zip wire A fun personal challenge. Participants are connected to a wire 12 metres above the ground, before stepping out into thin air and embarking on a 100m descent. The experience will have you pleading for a second go! Learning outcomes Click below to find out which learning outcomes this activity promotes. Resilience Being able …
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