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Residential Trips for Groups

See how they thrive. Our experienced team will identify the activity programme that ticks all your boxes, whichever centre you choose. What’s more, they’ll provide the attention and care that really makes a difference. Your group may not have tried any of these activities before, so we’ll ensure that safety comes first – but having a tremendous amount of fun and excitement comes a close second.

Over the past 50 years we have helped every type of group to form closer bonds. They’ll learn by pushing themselves – and we’ll be on hand to help them amplify their potential.

Flexible residential experiences

You choose your setting. Whatever you decide: Scandinavian-style log cabin, traditional camping in patrol tents or self-contained accommodation, you can enjoy the splendour of ancient woodland, beautiful coastlines or an urban oasis. Then your team are all set for their fantastic adventure – whether summoning their pluck when abseiling, making a splash while canoeing or clicking with their team as they make Kit Karts.

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Our flexible residential trips for youth groups can include these amazing activities