Stepping it up

Stepping it up

Whether you work in a Primary or Secondary School, the impacts increasing levels of resilience in your pupils can have significant impacts on all elements of their lives.

The earlier young people are exposed to controlled risks, the sooner you will see a ‘can do’ attitude being applied to everything that they do…including their studies!

Essex Outdoors has devised a series of stepped programmes that will enable you to plan a set of trips, with each trip increasing your pupils confidence and resilience levels. You can start of by planning some simple day trips with a year group. Your pupils will be able to experience or adrenaline packed activities and push themselves (and support their peers) in making sure that everyone is able to overcome their fears. As your pupils move through your school, you can book longer and more daring school trips, staying for a longer time and picking activities that will help them develop a ‘can do’ attitude.

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