Silver Canoe Expedition

Silver Canoe Expedition with Essex Outdoors

The Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expedition with a twist!
Essex Outdoors has qualified and highly experienced staff that can deliver your training, practice and assessment element of this three day two night expedition module on the water.

As part of your Silver Award you will have to complete the expedition section of the scheme. The scheme requires that you plan, train for and complete an expedition using one of a selection of travel modes. Essex Outdoors staff can support you throughout this process using our open Canadian canoes.

Course Detail

Essex Outdoors can support you and your group through all three phases of this section of the Silver award.

Our expert instructors can run ad-hoc or regular training sessions covering all the essential elements of the expedition. This will range from map reading and compass work to expedition kit and equipment and how to cook for yourself in the wild.

Once the group has undertaken the necessary training they can work with us to plan a practice expedition. This will, in a similar environment, mock the real thing and our staff will assist the young people every step of the way, yet giving them independence when they are ready.

Lastly our instructors are qualified to assess the main event. As the assessment has to be in an unfamiliar environment we can venture to different locations for this, also enhancing the experience of being further away from home. Good spots for this are the rivers in the south of the country such as the river Thames in Oxfordshire. If this isn’t quite your cup of tea, we are always happy to venture all over the UK, so long as the environment fits with the DofE requirements.

Naturally we do not have to cover all the elements with you. If you are happy to undertake your own training and just need us to run your practice and/or assessment, then we are happy to help.

Kit list

The kit that you will require will depend on the type and location of the expedition you are undertaking. Our staff will cover kit during the training phase to ensure that everyone knows what kit to bring and how to use it, however DofE offer some great advice on their website. DofE Kit Advice

All specialist canoeing equipment such as paddles, floatation devices and the boats themselves, will be provide by us.


For the young people all they need is to be registered with the DofE and be working with a recognised group. Groups organisers are advised to contact the DofE to check for any requirements before embarking on the award process