Gold Expedition - Italian Dolomites

Dolomites Gold Award Expedition with Essex Outdoors

Complete the final qualifying venture of your Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award in the stunning mountains of the Italian Dolomites.

The Dolomites offer a great diversity of landscapes, from the towering rock peaks to quaint South Tyrolean villages, from the alpine pastures to the pink glowing rocks at sunset that are so distinctive of the Dolomites. These combined make them one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.

As part of your Gold Award you will need to complete the expedition section of the scheme. Along with your walking group you will attend training, practice and also plan and execute a journey for your final qualifying venture. We will support your expedition in the Italian Dolomites ensuring it meets the requirements of the Gold Award scheme.

We offer the training, practice and qualifying venture as a complete package to get you through the expedition section. If you and your group are looking for someone to facilitate your expedition then this is for you.

You will take four days and three nights to journey through the mountains working together and gaining new skills and experiences to take forward into the future.

The Dolomites are conveniently just 3 hours drive north of Venice, and therefore easily accessible from the UK.

As well as access to some fabulous mountain scenery one of the most fascinating aspects of a journey in the Dolomites is the remnants of mountain top fortifications, trenches, and tunnels built during the Great Wars.

For a young person to undertake an expedition in these mountains is a truly memorable experience.