Power kites

Power kiting activities in Essex

Learn the ropes then take to the skies with one of our powerful aerofoil kites. An exhilarating experience which teaches participants about wind speed and direction. It also promotes communication and cooperation as well as improves confidence.

Learning outcomes

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Although young people often appear outwardly confident, constantly taking and publishing photos of themselves, this confidence is often missing from their academic work. Accepting that perfection cannot always be achieved is a hindrance in the progression of many young people’s academic performance. By taking an attitude of perseverance towards the Essex Outdoors activities, our customers are able to develop their levels of confidence.

Everyone at some point has struggled with concentration. Being able to focus and concentrate on the task in hand is an important skill set that needs to be nurtured and is not just decided by your genes. Irrespective of your ability to concentrate, participating in an Essex Outdoors residential trip can improve young people’s level of concentration; with the most striking levels of improvement often being seen in the young people who have struggled the most.

We all know how hard it can be to commit to studying; especially when you have limited interest in your subject area. Research from Learning Away has shown that after a residential trip a high percentage of children feel more committed to their studies. It is common place that the level of maturity of young people increases after they have attended a residential fieldtrip, resulting in an increase in commitment.

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