Bouldering at The Lock

Indoor bouldering is a type of climbing that doesn’t involve any specialist equipment – As such it is a really accessible and social activity to try if you haven’t learned the rope skills yet. Bouldering routes or “problems” are climbed up to a maximum of 4 metres above crash matting and participants are encouraged to climb back down safely after each climb. We expect those taking part to understand the risks involved before completing our registration paperwork.

As a competent boulderer you can supervise up to 2 people whilst bouldering – However please bear in mind that our “bouldering problems” are not specifically designed for children, so can often appear quite difficult for them.

The centre has 2 dedicated bouldering areas with 30+ “problems” (ranging from VB – V5+), as well as a specific training area – including a campus board, 45 board, finger boards, gymnastic rings and free-weights.