Winter climbing aggregate comp

Join us at The Lock for our winter climbing aggregate competition.

Taking place between 25th November and 23rd April, the WCA Includes 5 rounds of lead climbing, top roping and bouldering with 15 routes per round . Prizes will be given for the top 3 climbers in each category. All climbing abilities are welcome!


Round 1 – 25th Nov –  23rd Jan
Round 2 – 17th Dec – 15th Jan
Round 3 – 28th Jan – 20th Feb
Round 4 – 25th Feb – 27th Mar
Round 5 – 1st Apr – 23rd Apr


There are 5 lead climbing routes, 5 top rope routes and 5 bouldering problems, getting progressively harder for you to attempt. For each route completed you are scored depending upon which attempt you successfully completed it on.

10 points for a successful 1st attempt
7 points for a successful 2nd attempt
4 points for a successful 3rd attempt
2 points for any subsequent attempt

You mark your scores using an honesty-based system and hand in your score sheet at the end of each month. These scorecards will be kept by us and added to any subsequent monthly rounds you may wish to take part in.

We will collate the scores of your top three rounds.

There will be prizes for the top climbers in each category (based on your scores, age and gender) which will be announced over our social media platforms.

Junior (12 years and below)
Youth Male (13-17 years)
Youth Female (13-17 years)
Adult Male (18+ years)
Adult Female (18+ years)
You can enter a round at any time throughout the month.

The WCA kicks off on the 25th November. All competition routes will be marked up with tags after the Friday tall wall sets (Routes will not be open earlier unless approved by Pav or Colette).

Score cards will be available to purchase for £2 from the front desk.

Competition Rules

– All top rope climbs and boulders must start on the starting hold and finish “in control” with 2 hands on the last hold.
– For lead climbing all routes must start on the starting hold and finish by clipping the top anchor point.
– Competitors are responsible for completing their own scorecards. (Cheats will be publicly shamed)
– Event organisers have the final say over any disputes