Paul Stokes

Get to know Paul

This time we meet Paul Stokes

Operations Manager at Essex Outdoors Danbury

Tell us a little about you

Hi, I’m Paul and I’m (another!) one of the Operations Managers at Essex Outdoors.

Usually I’m based at Essex Outdoors Danbury, where I have responsibility for that centre as well as Danbury Country Park next door, and Great Notley County Park. Currently though, like lots of other folk, I’m working from home and trying – not always successfully! – to get the day job done as well as feed and home-school four hungry children. My admiration for teachers now knows no bounds!

What do you do at Essex Outdoors?

Ordinarily at this time of year we’d be busy training our new Seasonal staff and looking forward to the start of our manic Summer season. Sadly, we can’t do that just now but there’s still plenty to do, and hopefully we will be able to welcome back some of our customers soon.

When you’re not at work, what are you most likely to be doing?

Usually when I’m not work, I like to try to keep fit, either by running (slowly!), paddling (badly!) and climbing the odd hill or mountain. Obviously, that’s not an option just now but I’m more than happy to get up early and watch the sun rise, and then set, and hopefully catch the odd meteor shower or satellite instead.

And that’s why we love the outdoors, right? It never stops surprising you. Who knew that Venus could be so bright? Or that the dawn chorus could be so loud? Or even just that we would miss it so much!

Anyway…Best Wishes from all of us at Essex Outdoors. Stay safe, and well

Paul Stokes
Operations Manager – Essex Outdoors Danbury, Danbury and Notley Country Parks

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