Forest School

Forest School is a process of learning and development that takes place in a local woodland, as part of a programme of regular visits, offering participants the freedom to flex their imagination and learn in an inspiring, natural environment.

Especially popular for Early Years, Foundation Stage, and Primary School children, the Forest School approach also works for a wide age-range of youth groups and pupils, and there is growing interest in its capacity to include those excluded from mainstream education.

Through learner-centred, creative, playful and physical activities such as exploring and examining their surroundings, using natural materials, props and simple tools, participants' awareness and knowledge of their environment is allowed to develop naturally, individually and collaboratively.

Forest School takes place all year round, in all weathers except high winds and electrical storms. One of the benefits of a long term Forest school programme (12 weeks plus) is being able to observe and experience the natural rhythm of the year in a woodland environment: the cycle of life, the turning of the year, and a personal sense of place.

Research suggests that regular participation in Forest School sessions:

  • Builds self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves motivation and encourages cooperation
  • Encourages responsibility, independence and the management of risk
  • Improves language, communication and social skills
  • Improves gross and fine physical motor skills
  • Increases understanding of the natural environment and of seasonal change
  • Encourages a positive attitude to learning
Essex Outdoors Forest School Leaders were instrumental in introducing the programme to the county, delivering sessions for schools and supporting Forest School trainees and practioners in their own learning: a service we still offer today.

For more information or to book a Forest School programme, contact us on 01245 223342 or to send us an email click here.

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1/2-day tasters to year-long programmes
Local woodlands, your school grounds, or one of our centres
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From £125 for half a day or £200 for a full day
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